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   Artificial intelligence (AI) is a combination of science and engineering used to make intelligent machines and computer programs. AI is a fast-growing discipline used in various areas of human interactions and activities. The library is one of the areas where AI tools and technologies can be used to automate many routine activities of libraries. AI can assist the library professionals in knowledge organization and retrieval, information accessibility, user services and data analytics with he help of Machine learning, Chat GPT, Open AI etc. The AI based tools and software are readily available and it is highly impactful to identify usage patterns and make predictions with minimal human intervention. Hence, it is important to emphasize AI literacy among library professionals and patrons in today's society through such conferences.

   This conference aims to bring together all the stakeholders in libraries, such as working LIS professionals, research scholars, IT professionals, and other interested groups, in one platform to discuss and share the practical and possible applications of various AI tools and technologies that are available today to automate library routine activities, information retrieval, data analytics etc., Keeping those in mind, the organizers have planned a one day NCAAIL - 2024 National Conference on "Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Libraries".

   This conference provides a platform for all stakeholders in the field of Library and Information Science to design innovative services using modern technologies and new user interfaces to reach and serve the Google Generation. The conference will also explore how libraries can be revitalized to enhance the dissemination of information and impart values through libraries and library professionals in the current technological era.

   The Central Library, Nandha College of Technology, Erode, Tamil Nadu, jointly with the Society for the Advancement of Library and Information Science (SALIS), Chennai, is organizing a one day NCAAIL 2024: National Conference on "Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Libraries" on 20th April 2024.

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